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Sony’s in on the joke

Sony’s in on the joke


You may have noticed that Sony hasn’t done a great job of hiding announcements recently. Whether it was the PSPgo and Motion Control at E3 or the PS3 Slim at GamesCom, Sony has failed time and time again to keep its cards close to its chest. Proverbial cats were free of bags and worms were barely in cans long enough to notice the difference. However, Sony seems happy enough to laugh at itself if news of its PS3 Slim marketing campaign is anything to go by.


The US ad campaign that has been revealed by industrygamers.com introduces Kevin Butler, director of rumour confirmation. Butler will then expound on the virtues of the smaller and cheaper PS3 that we’ve known about for several months. We also particularly like the humble and understated tag line for the new PS3 Slim. We think you’ll like it too…


Anyway, since Sony has a director of rumour confirmation, here are a few things we’d like to find out:

Ian – “Is there really going to be a PSP 4000 that plays UMDs?”

Gavin – “Will we be seeing a Twisted Metal sequel on PS3 soon?”

Nick – “What is the sexual orientation of Kratos?”

Sarah – “Is it true that Halo 3: ODST is coming to PS3 and will feature cross-platform multiplayer?”

Ali – “Is Sony really working on a competitor to OnLive called Cloud?”

Jon – “Will the PS4 also be a grill? The more we think about it, the more we think that it would be a great idea”

Via IndustryGamers [and Joystiq]

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