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Sony To Bow Out Of Console Manufacturing?

Sony To Bow Out Of Console Manufacturing?

PS4 rumours are flying all over the place right now – well, two of them. Namely that Sony will be announcing PS4 at E3 2012 and that one of the major console manufacturers will bow out of the hardware game, again at E3 2012.

That second one’s applicable to PS4 because Internet Logic has decided – with Microsoft’s next Xbox strategy already underway and Nintendo having publicly announced Wii U – it has to be Sony.

What do we think of these rumours though? No idea. While we’ve already pointed out it would be strange for Sony to announce PS4 at E3 – it’s too bloody soon – it would be even weirder for them to decide they’re not making consoles anymore.

But maybe Nanea Reeves, chief product officer at Gaikai, is talking sense with these words:

“Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3.”

Maybe Sony will decide it’s not worth the expenditure; that they spunked far too much up the wall with PS3 – and a faltering start for Vita in Japan can’t have filled them with much confidence. Maybe they’re just going to concentrate on winding down the PS3, seeing if the Vita will go anywhere and then settling into a Sega-style publishing-only retirement.

But then maybe that’s just a bunch of crap, because Sony is, first and foremost, a hardware-based technology company that would not turn its back on decades of tradition just because their console is a few million sales behind its competitor.

We don’t know – it’s all speculation and hearsay. It’s also all very interesting, and doing a damn good job of making us want to pay close attention to E3 this year. PS4? No console? Publisher only? A pure cloud service? Nothing’s out of the question right now. Fun times.

If you want more in-depth thinking about the future of Sony’s home consoles, check out issue 214 of Play. It’s out on 19 January and has a lot of stuff about PlayStation 4, which is nice.

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  • Dave

    Possibly one of the worst articles I’ve ever read.

  • shaun

    I could beleive it, sony bowing out that is.
    I remember them saying a while back that thay was losing money on every console they sale, maybe they dont want to have to put expensive hardware like (SSD) in their new machine just to have a chance in the market and maybe they think they cant compete without these new technologies but this time losing money on every sale is not an option in the current times.

    I hope this is not true, death of the playstaion for me means ill have to join the dark side.