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Sony compares PS3 to a fridge

Sony compares PS3 to a fridge


It’s not white, it’s not cold and it’s not that big so why, in an interview with Tech On, did Sony Computer Entertainment’s chief technology officer, Masayuki Chatani, compare the PS3 to a refrigerator? Because a refrigerator is convenient, is in your home and provides quick and easy access to delicious content, just like a console with a built in hard drive, and unlike a console that relies on network data storage. Using such a console, in Chatani’s metaphor, would be more like having to go to a convenience store every time you want a chilled snack or a milkshake or whatever. Sure, you don’t have a fridge taking up space in your house and you can benefit from the convenience store’s much larger capacity, but on balance we’d all prefer to have our own well-stocked fridge at home.

Or, to put it another way… the PS3 Slim is still quite big because it still has a built-in hard drive, which was kept because the alternative – network storage – would have provided much slower access to stored data.

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    Digital downloads might be on the rise but storing them on the internet is just stupid at the moment since the internet just isn’t good enough in the UK to handle it.