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Sony Brings Reality TV To PSN

Sony Brings Reality TV To PSN

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Reality television is generally terrible, featuring idiots behaving like berks and ruining many a half-decent TV schedule. Which is why¬† we’re not exactly chomping at the bit to get involved with Sony’s new take on reality telly-V, “The Tester”, set to be available through the American PSN in the winter.

But what is it? Why, it’s a show chronicling the exploits of a group of people competing to become the ultimate games tester, thus winning themselves a contract with Sony’s quality assurance department in San Diego. Yes, that’s about it for the synopsis. The show will feature tests of “memory, stamina, dexterity, and overall mental prowess”, apparently, and has every chance of having a man with a ridiculously over-the-top Geordie accent informing us of the day’s events. Or not, we don’t really know.

Sony are currently accepting applications to appear in the show, though it is available to US citizens aged 21 and over only. Still, if you meet the criteria and fancy giving it a shot with the ultimate aim of being in QA, head along to the website, where you can also get a few more details.

There’s no word if this formula will be extended to cover anywhere else in the world – like, say, Europe – and with the track record of this fine continent’s PSN we wouldn’t hold our breath. We are still waiting for Metal Gear Solid to be put up, after all.

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  • I hope this doesn’t come to the UK, I hate this kind of stuff and I just can’t see people going on there PS3 specifically to watch this.
    I would have loved to take part though, I am awesome at memory games.
    I can remember my own name after all.