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Sonic Unleashed flops


Through skilful and knowing marketing tactics, Sega had the whole world (including me) thinking that Sonic Unleashed would restore the reputation of a franchise that very few still hold in high esteem. The company fed us glimpses of the 2D, Genesis/Mega Drive-esque sections, with nary a hint of any Werehog gameplay until E3 of this year, at which point doubts started to settle in – now that we know 90 per cent of the game is sub-Devil May Cry action trash, however, the game is suffering. It failed to crack the UK all-formats Top 40 charts this week, despite seeing release across PS2, Wii and 360.

With or without the PS3 release this month, Sonic Unleashed is undoubtedly a flop. Now, Sega has to go back to the drawing board once again, if it is to save its corporate mascot from further humiliation – sadly, this feels like something we’ve said one too many times in the past.

Here’s a hint: make a 2D Sonic game. No shit, no gimmicks, just platforming the whole way through.

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