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Sonic Loses A Dimension In 2010

Sonic Loses A Dimension In 2010


It’s strangely fitting that a new 2D Sonic game has been announced on the same day the Sega Dreamcast enjoys its tenth anniversary of the American release, what with the DC being the console that began* Sonic’s 3D adventures. Some strange irony, or coincidence, or something.

Anyway, a teaser trailer has been revealed to the world for what is currently codenamed Project Needlemouse. It’s new, out 2010, 2D and “built from the ground up”. We know as much as the trailer tells us, so here’s the trailer:

*We’re ignoring the Saturn’s entries of Sonic 3D, which was isometric and not really 3D, and Sonic R, which wasn’t a proper Sonic game.

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  • supermarioex

    i wish sonic would just leave us alone, the reason sega consoles failed is because they milked sonic to much and now most people hate the site of him.
    I can guarantee there will be a new stupid charater like shadow, oh oh i know Fire the hedghog.

    Sega need new ideas and need to give sonic a nice long 5 year break.