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Sonic 4 Not Developed By Sega

Sonic 4 Not Developed By Sega


As a sneak image and trailer got yanked from 1up.com we also got the news through that Sega’s Sonic Team is not responsible for the Blue Hedgehog’s left to right return. Development duties are instead being taken up by a studio called Dimps on Osaka. That name may not be familiar to you, but the team there recently worked with Capcom in developing Street Fighter IV and made the Sonic Rush and Sonic Advance games for Nintendo DS and GBA respectively.

Given that those handheld Sonic games were some of the best outings for Sega’s mascot in recent years that bodes well for this episodic take on the franchise, but we must remain firm. We cannot allow ourselves to get carried away again only to be disappointed. All we’ll say is this is good news. No more, no less.


Via Kotaku

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