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Sly Cooper: A Rarus Raccoonus (in the UK)


I’d like to think I’ve played almost every essential game on the PS2, being the direction-deprived teenager that I was in the early half of this decade. From burning dinner through trying to win a game of Blitzball in Final Fantasy X to falling asleep, while rattling through Jet Li’s Rise To Honor, I’ve sampled more than a mere microcosm of the PS2’s back catalogue. It’s a way of life, in its own sad little way.

In the midst of writing an upcoming piece on PS3 exclusive inFamous, for the mag, however, I realised that I never embraced Sucker Punch’s first PlayStation franchise, Sly Cooper. The PS2 trilogy, following a raccoon by the name of Sly as he thieves his way through some general misadventures, has received sturdy critical acclaim from, among other sources, us (80%, 76% and 79% respectively).

So, reading that it was a best-seller on Sucker Punch’s website, I went to Amazon and decided that I wanted a piece of it. Unfortunately, Sly is a bit of a treasure in the secondhand market. The cheapest available copy of the first is £16.90, without shipping costs, while the second sells for a similar price. Neither made it to Sony’s platinum range, meaning that there isn’t a whole lot of copies flooding the market, so prices are sure to rise as the years tumble by.

A shame, then. If you have a copy that you’re willing to sell for a tenner or less, let me know… though if you’re reading this blog entry, you’ll know it’s worth a bit more than that.

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