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Skyrim: Should You Start Again?

Skyrim: Should You Start Again?

Skyrim is a game many people have restarted. Many people have talked, in length, about their restarts. It’s been down to a character who didn’t look right. It’s been a playing style they chose, but didn’t like. It’s been – like in my case – the result of catastrophic hard drive failure.

But it’s to Skyrim’s credit that even with the wrong look, the wrong way of doing things or even the loss of 105 hours of progress, it still draws people back in; it still makes you want to come back.

But not all games are like this. Be it down to personal preference, a lack of quality on their part or whatever other mitigating factor it might be, there are games that just don’t hit the right part of the brain hard enough to make anyone, for any reason, commit to a restart.

Forgetting a game for a while then going back to it – save intact, halfway through – is one thing. In fact, it’s one thing a lot of us don’t bother with because… well, we all have a pile of shame. But it’s a step up to choose the ‘new game’ option and start afresh.

Skyrim is in a privileged position in this respect – beyond a brief, on-rails opening, you are given free reign to do as you see fit; to go where you want to go. On restarting I chose to leg it with the Imperial, unlike first time around. On escaping the beginning town I turned left, instead of the right I chose before. I immediately joined the Companions; first time around I didn’t even bother with them, instead preferring the Dark Brotherhood.

But it can’t all be down to freedom – it’s not all down to freedom. Brevity and tightness of an experience can help, like sitting down to rewatch your favourite film. Though in this case your favourite game-film – in my case something like Uncharted 2 – takes eight hours rather than two. But I’m happy to do it.

Maybe it’s more of a time-sink experience , like on the wonderful Football Manager. Perhaps it’s because the opening is just so bloody good, like (at least back in the day) Medal Of Honor: Frontline, or (still, to this day) Half-Life 2.

Whatever it is, it’s testament to gaming that something requiring such commitment, such a huge amount of time, is capable of making most of us bother to start out again; to get our playthrough right. Well done, games.

This is generalising of course – I’m sure there are many of you who can’t be bothered restarting Skyrim, for example. But we’ve all been there at some point: the games we’re happy to start all over again on while others remain in need of a fresh beginning they will never receive. Is it as arbitrary as it seems? Or is there a clearly-defined method to what makes us feel like we can – like we should – begin again?

Admittedly, I don’t intend to start Skyrim again (again).

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  • Joey

    I don’t know if it’s the infuriating lag, frame rate drop or frequent stalling and crashing that ruined Skyrim for me. Or if it was the game itself. I played Oblivion to death, Fallout 3 and even New Vegas but Skyrim was different. I found myself after 20 hours only half doing quests and feeling quite bored after the “arrow to the knee” and “i wonder if I’m the Dragonborn?”s got old. I found no drive to continue playing after the last time it caused my PS3 to freeze so bad I had to plug it out completely, which I hate doing.
    It’s like I know I should like the game, but I just don’t anymore. Is it just me?

  • * I never bothered starting Skyrim in the first place.
    * I found Morrowind & Oblivion to be rather tedious.
    * I found Morrowind & Oblivion to be rather lifeless.
    * I found the menu systems to be pointless as you usually chose every option anyway.

  • MultiZoneMaster

    When I saw the title of this feed I jumped to the conclusion that it has finally been patched and we should all restart. My heart sank when I read on and realised it was nothing of the sort. I still haven’t bought this game as I’m waiting for reassurance that it now works. Why isn’t the magazines etc talking about this issue anymore? Is it fixed, being fixed or what??

  • Ian Dransfield

    The complaints have been made and registered a thousand times over in blogs and magazines across the world. It’s died down because we know as much as you do – whatever Bethesda decides to tell us.

    That’s exactly this much: not much. Which sucks, as the stuttering is an irritant.

  • Conor

    My skyrim has only froze once and besides that i have seen no glitches or frame rate issues or bugs of any sort.

  • Pablo

    I just started again and im digging it! i dont have to ask as many questions or read as much and i know the world better so its actually a lot more fun and homely the second time round. I recommend it

  • Nellen

    I’ve literally just restarted for the second time. I love the game, but the glitches and bugs annoyed me. Now I know where the worst of them are in my game and I can avoid them this time round.

    Whilst the barrows and draugr become tiresome after a while, I am actually excited to start again and do it differently, and better.