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Skyrim? Pah, Uncharted Is Our Christmas Number One

Skyrim? Pah, Uncharted Is Our Christmas Number One

Lots of woo hoo-ing this week as Bethesda’s latest excursion into not finishing its games before releasing them, Skyrim, secures the coveted Christmas number one at retail.

Which is fair enough: when it actually works it’s a good game that seems to have fulfilled the fantasies of millions of players. Well done Bethesda. Now get back to work. These games aren’t going to patch themselves (unless you’re talking about the PC version of course, when your loyal beta testers will do most of the work for you).

For us however there’s only one game for Christmas, and it’s not Skyrim. It’s not Batman, or Call of Duty.

It’s Uncharted.

Allow us to explain.

Now we’re not saying that Uncharted is a better game than the alternatives listed above. What we’re saying is that Uncharted seems to capture that old-world, gather round the TV to watch a movie Christmas Day spirit more than any other game.

Why? Because when we were kids (and all this were etc etc…) and actually felt excitement about Christmas instead of self-loathing, we used to love watching Indiana Jones. It’s always on: the ultimate comfort movie, perfect to watch after receiving enough presents to bankrupt your parents and eating enough turkey to feed Africa for a year. Perfect.

Sadly, the last Indiana Jones movie that didn’t make everyone watching it weep salty tears of pain came out in 1989. Which means we’ve seen them a million times.

This is not really a bad thing, but here’s the deal: no-one watches television anymore, and certainly no-one over the age of 12 does it with their parents.

Enter Uncharted, with its pulpy, Indiana Jones-inspired settings, over the top action sequences and general feeling of Saturday serial action where awesome things happen and the charismatic lead is immune from prosecution for all the crimes he has committed.

It’s perfect nostalgia fodder, as well as excellent entertainment in keeping with the spirit of the day: minds-off spectacle where everything you do is about topping the last thing you did. Bigger presents! Bigger helpings! Bigger arguments! Bigger explosions!

Which is why, no matter how many units its may have shifted or how many other games enable you to shout at dragons, Uncharted gets the nod as Christmas number one for us.

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  • Conor

    Skyrim will always be the christmas number one for me! 🙂

  • DO’G

    I agree steve. I played bought U2, 2 years ago over the xmas and i loved it prob the best action/adventure game i’ve played in a very very long time. I will be doing the same this year