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Sky TV could be coming to PS3 soon

Sky TV could be coming to PS3 soon


While PS3 owners should be happy that they’ve had PlayTV for so long, it comes as no surprise most of us were coveting the integration of Sky TV with the Xbox 360. But it looks like we may not have to covet for much longer, if the words of Griff Parry, Sky’s On Demand director, are to be believed.

Speaking to Videogamer, Parry said:

“I can talk generally about our desire to extend to any device that supports a good quality experience to project the content. The PS3 is clearly a device where that is possible. And so it may very well happen in the future. Having said that, we’re very happy to be working with Xbox for the time being.”

The service allows anyone with a Sky subscription to access streaming TV on their console, as well as offering deals for those without standing subs. Whether people will be interested in paying for this, especially on PS3 which already has free access to iPlayer and ‘pay once, get it forever’ access to PlayTV, remains to be seen.

See Videogamer for the rest of the story.

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  • David

    the problem with the 360 version is that you have to pay for gold as well, so if you don’t play online much you may as subscribe to regular sky. if the ps3 were to get it though you’d only have the sky player subscription which is more reasonable

  • Keiran

    I’m getting really angry with the fact that ive been a sky customer for nearly 10 years and because i choose to have a different broadband line i’m pushed out of being able to use features like anytime plus, which are free for sky customers. If sony could get a player which current sky subs just log in like you can online and stream i would be very happy. I can watch the content on my phone or laptop afterall threw the line! So i can’t see the issue, i’m not bothered about most content but when i fancy watching a decent film id rather it be on my big screen and not the laptop. I usually wire it up but thats a ball ache.