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Skate 3 in works – shocker!

Skate 3 in works – shocker!


You’ve got to love a slow news weekend when even the least surprising of Twitter rumours starts making headlines, but as a Skate fan, I’m actually kind of pleased about this one. According to a Tweet by Schmitty of the website Epicly Trife, one of his friends has been asked to lend his likeness to the second sequel to EA’s genre-shattering skakeboard game.


Things I want from another Skate? Another killer soundtrack naturally, but the quality has been good so far. Bit more customisation. Maybe link it up with the Game Face tech used in Fight Night and Tiger Woods. Hall Of Meat mode was brilliant, so plenty more of that please. And maybe a completely new location just to shake things up a little. Besides that it was more or less spot on from the start. It’s good that EA has refrained from making a sequel every year, but even every two years it needs to be a significant leap forward with each iteration. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Via Kotaku

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