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WARNING! This post contains scenes of extreme gore and mutilation that gamers of a sensitive disposition might find too much to bear. Proceed at your own risk.

We received a letter recently from a long-time reader, Rob Fox, who just spent an entire year unable to play video games after a nasty accident playing football nearly lost him his hand.

“Last year I had a nasty accident playing football and mashed up my hand pretty bad.” Says Rob, “Since then I have had operations, pins put in, infections etc. ‘til I finally nearly lost it. A year on though and I am finally able to use my hands together. Two fingers don’t work nor will they, but I have just enough digits to play most computer games. For nearly a year I have been unable to play 99% of most games, I couldn’t even use my Wii for anything utilising a nunchuck.”

We printed the letter, but couldn’t bring ourselves to print the pics. Instead we’re putting them right here, where we can give readers proper warning.

So here goes…


Eurgh! And here’s another one…


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  • AZZA91

    poor guy.

  • SwisherP432


  • Sean

    I’ll play some games for you mate XD

  • Rob

    Haha nice one, I’ll show this to my mates pronto, received the free game today an all 🙂 cheers Gav & Play team!