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Sign up for the MAG beta? Hell yeah!

Sign up for the MAG beta? Hell yeah!


Here’s a great opportunity to play – early and for free – one of the most anticipated online war games of recent times, MAG. Well, apart from Modern Warfare 2, OBVIOUSLY. In spite of this stiff competition, we reckon that MAG will find its own niche. But don’t take our words for it sign up for the beta today!

All you have to do is enter your PSN ID HERE and register. Sony has 16,000 beta keys to give away. The closing date for entry is 22 September and it starts tomorrow so be quick!

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  • Signed up with my account, my American account and my brother’s account, I have to get one.

  • dave moore

    the link doesn’t work

  • Nick Jones

    The link works, you need to sign in with your PSN ID to access the registration options.

  • connor

    i cant seem to make it owrk im signed in gone back on to the page – where do i sign up

  • Nick Jones

    Looks like all the codes have gone now. Better luck next time…

  • Dec

    nooooooo!!!!!!!! I wanted that beta soo much. I wish i came on this website yesterday. Shoudln’t have you guys put this in your latest magazine??!!! dam. btw can u say hi to aaron for me nick cheers

  • dave moore

    i was signed in to and it didnt work ,bugger.any way thank you nick for checking.