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Shouting “FIRST!” isn’t big, clever or remotely interesting

Shouting “FIRST!” isn’t big, clever or remotely interesting

I was lucky enough to attend last week’s THQ Gamer’s Week, or whatever they call it now, in which we were able to play… well, lots of THQ games. But one thing from the event sticks out more than others – Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb taking to the stage to announce the 360 would see an exclusive map (okay, fine) and that the upcoming DLC would arrive on the MS console first.

Not ‘exclusively’, not ‘not on PS3ly’ – just first.

And this was at an event for the videogames media – not the public, not fans or advertisers or buyers or anything like that. This was an announcement made to the apparent professionals. I present this information without comment. Or at least, with very little comment. Make of it what you will.

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  • brendan


  • Sean

    I’m not buying Homefront now! *I am*

  • Tim

    What this says to me is that if you’re a PS3 owner, you’re a second class citizen. Why would I buy a game from a developer that treats me like this? The answer is, I won’t.

  • Chris

    Wahey 360 owners getting more stuff, yet again. Lets see they have the New Vegas DLC, theyre getting this which is making me hate the company and not want to buy the game, AND theyre getting Crysis 2 multi-player demo which is the most frustrating thing ever to happen.
    I would like to know why.

  • Joey

    I have both consoles and always have since the first Xbox came out so I can judge without bias.
    The 360 is incredibly underwhealming after you play the Playstation in every aspect. Maybe the Network works better but you do have to pay an arse load for it so shouldn’t it?
    I only get the very rare exclusive for 360 like once or twice a year and since my gold membership is gone I’m not getting another.
    The Playstation is simply the better console I don’t get the fan boy shit it’s just how it is.
    So MS gobble up petty deals like dlc’s before ps3 and exclusive content so people will get the xbox version instead. It’s cack. Playstation’s the better console so I think it still wins.