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Shenmue III Dead Again

Shenmue III Dead Again

If you know anything about me as a writer or a gamer or whoever, you’ll know that I have long harbored a massive, throbbing har affection for the Shenmue series. There isn’t a story behind it about how it was the first game I’ve ever played or anything as fancy as that. It just happens that Shenmue II is my favourite game. Ever. Of all time. EVER.

So to recap the Shenmue saga – Yu Suzuki planned it to span four games (or, more precisely, 16 chapters). Shenmue was made, it cost a bomb, critics loved it, nobody bought it. Shenmue II was made, it cost a bomb, critics loved it, nobody bought it. Sega ran out of money, quit the hardware business, dramatically changed direction, Yu Suzuki disappeared to the world of mobile gaming and Shenmue III was lost to the wilderness.

The chances of Shenmue III being made are pretty much nil. It is, sadly, in danger of becoming the new Duke Nukem Forever except at least that game was actually announced at some point. Shenmue III is likely to just slowly drift into a void as its fanbase becomes less vocal and Yu Suzuki appearances becomes less frequent.

But the point of this blog post is that we’ve just had a recent Yu Suzuki appearance, and here it is:

If you’re not that patient or annoyed with the constant cutting from Yu Suzuki to a French guy in his bedroom (why?), then here’s the lowdown.

  • Yu Suzuki has written 11 chapters in total. Shenmue II ends after chapter 6.
  • Ryo will find his thirst for revenge against Lan Di gradually disappearing throughout the story
  • Shenhua has the ability to ‘connect’ with the memory of ancestors
  • Sega owns the Shenmue IP
  • Yu Suzuki says the part of Shenmue he cares about most is in what would be Shenmue III

His Shenmue City mobile venture has also closed its doors, so it looks like Shenmue can’t even gain ground on mobile platforms, let alone console.

There’s a hope – a very distant hope – that Sony could cough up the money to fund Shenmue III in an exclusive partnership with Sega. Sony is the most likely to fund the venture as Sega doesn’t have the money and with the likes of Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian and so on, Sony is one of the few publishers that is still willing to publish games which push gameplay and new concepts above obvious commercial appeal.

But the chances of that happening? Honestly? Remote. Slim. Barely breathing. I don’t even know why I’ve called this blog Shenmue III Dead Again when it was never even alive. Oh it hurts so much to be a Sega fan from back in the day.

So very, very much.

  • Dorian

    Shenmue is the best video game in the world and sadly, not a lot of people appreciate it. I really do hope they port the original Shenmue onto Xbox/PS3. I really love Shenmue.

  • Ramón Guzmán

    Yu Suzuki has been very busy lately. He is looking for that funding partner. Instead of saying all that bullcrap, get your facts straight. he’s been more active now than in recent years. Mark my words, this will happen, just you wait and see…

  • Heather Bishop

    are you being for real? this video was from way over a year ago, have you not been paying any attention to other Shenmue news since? The huge success of the last tweetathon shows the huge support the fans have. And if you’ve been paying any attention to Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox One, the fans opinion matters. So I suggest to prevent any heart ache from long serving fans such as myself, research more before you make a post like this.