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Scotland + your family – videogames = this hotel

Scotland + your family – videogames = this hotel


Christmas is a time to spend with your family; awkwardly sat around a table while half-heartedly trying to play a bizarre party game no one has any idea how to actually play. It is not a time for videogames. This is absolute, inarguable fact, according to the managing director of one of the oldest family-run hotels in Scotland, who has banned gaming devices from the establishment over the Christmas period.

Visitors to the Crieff Hydro* hotel will not be allowed to bring any consoles, handhelds or even thoughts of videogames with them should they stay in the hotel over the holiday season in an effort to “restore traditional family values”. Speaking to the BBC, Stephen Leckie said:

“As a father-of-four, I’m well aware of the role that computer games play in youngsters’ lives and they undoubtedly have a place.

“However with Christmas holidays being the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with our families, we’re asking our younger guests to set their consoles and games aside for just a few days of the year and, instead, sample some new activities which they may never have tried before.”

We won’t argue with him, as there’s no point, but we would suggest he incorporate some games into the re-establishment of ‘family values’, whatever they are. Everyone can play Singstar, Rock Band can get whole families involved and Eyepet will make even the most grizzled and gnarled of dads go “awww”. Just a suggestion, rather than forcing people down the route of fun-against-their-will which invariably comes with Christmas parlour games and sitting around the table with your family. Unless that’s just me.

(It should be noted that the Crieff Hydro is actually a leisure resort, so has a lot more to do than simply sit, trying to avoid Grandma’s judging eyes)

Today’s non-news brought to you via the BBC.

*Is it ironic that the name of the hotel sounds like an evil overlord stronghold, or character from a fighting game?

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