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Saints Row: The Third, Or: ‘How I Learned To Stop Complaining And Love Gaming’

Saints Row: The Third, Or: ‘How I Learned To Stop Complaining And Love Gaming’

Saints Row: The Third is one of the best things to happen to gaming. It was easily the best thing about gaming in 2011, and it’s up there with Tetris, Resident Evil 4 and Paradroid 90 for the all-time crown.

I mean, from a technical, objectively-speaking perspective it does deserve its brilliant-but-not-legendary score of 88%, as rewarded by yours truly in Play 211. It’s rough around the edges and it brings little that’s actually new to the genre.

But as an experience, taking away the required critical thinking necessary to conduct a review, Saints Row: The Third made 2011 bearable for gaming. Call Of Duty 9000 is a parody of itself, Battlefield 3 was a gigantic let-down on the single-player side to the point it almost affected multiplayer, Uncharted 3 was too similar to the last game, Skyrim was buggy as The Bug Kingdom of Bugdonia and I’ve forgotten everything else that came out.

Oh, and Crysis 2 was overrated.

But Saints Row: The Third? It made me happy to play games. I’m not saying other games didn’t, but none of them hit the heights of Volition’s third entry in the SR series. No other game of last year managed to make me smile as much as the one that let me run over people dressed as green bunny rabbits while riding a hover bike before calling in a tactical airstrike on a group of masked lucha libre gang members then beating a gimp to death with a massive purple dildo, all accompanied by a pimp who only speaks in autotune.

I’d be worried if any other game did let me do that, to be honest.

This has popped into my head because I’ve recently restarted SR3 – something I haven’t done with any game for a while. And playing it through the second time it’s still getting the same reaction as first time around; it’s still making me laugh like an absolute tool.

It still makes me happy. And for that reason, Saints Row: The Third is the best thing that happened to gaming in 2011. Look it up.

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  • bob

    Right on. It’s a hoot, and just what we needed among all the focus group-created corporate shite.

    2011’s top ten videogames:

    1. Dark Souls
    2. Saints Row 3


  • Conor

    I dont know about you but i have hardly witnessed any bugs in my Skyrim on my ps3,it froze 3 times in 50 hours play,besides that its been pretty solid alot more then i thought it would be.