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Saints Row, Red Faction and Darksiders sequels confirmed


It was rumoured to the point where we just out and out believed it – mainly because we just want new Red Faction and Saints Row – but THQ have now confirmed the existence of both titles, along with a new Darksiders game and Homefront.

During a recent THQ investors call, whatever that is, CEO Brian Farrell let loose the information along with very vague release dates circling around fiscal years. The new Red Faction and Homefront are set for fiscal year 2011, which runs from April 2010 to the end of March 2011. The other games are set for FY2012, which we’ll leave to you to work out.

As we said before, a new Saints Row game with an updated Red Faction: Guerrilla engine would have the potential to be the Best Thing Ever. As for a new RF, to be shown to the world at E3 this year? We’ll just go with: yes please. Same for Darksiders, really (though not being shown at E3, so not entirely the same), which has enjoyed sales of more than a million since its release.

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