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If you’ve arrived here by copying a link from the Letters page in Play issue 188, then you must have some kind of masochistic need to read things that give normal people a sore head. You’re brave and/or stupid enough to try and get through the full-length, unedited, 3000-word edition of Play reader Brendan Daly’s e-mail about what he would like to see in Saints Row 3.

If you’ve not read the Play Letters page this month, then the following epic piece of prose might come as something of a shock. It was awarded Stupid Letter of the Month, which wins Brendan a copy of Darksiders on the PS3.

If you’d like a chance at winning yourself a free game just for writing an e-mail to Play – and as you can see, it needn’t be something that makes sense – then scribble down your thoughts and send them to play@imagine-publishing.co.uk

Anyway, brace yourselves for this…

LOOK AND READ IT I THINK YOU MAY WILL LIKE IT!!! I WOULD LIKE IT IF THAT GAME HAVE IT!!! Yeah I agree with that should customize house, rooms, vehicles and other!!! When customize the house can select the color too for the houses, rooms and other!!I

I want to play with gas PLEASE!!! I think that some people may don’t like it to play with gas!! But I Would like to play with gas!! When using fuel make sure I can access it easily because I have and I like the games is 18 wheels of steels PC games!!! Watch out FUEL and that games have it play with gas, control the flashlight and other that good and I really like it!! So if that person don’t want to play with gas and other want so better before game start select option if you want to play with gas?? YES OR NO If yes then it will run out the fuel have to go to gas station and get more fuel!! and if run out of fuel then call TOW TRCK and tow the vehicle bring to gas station and get more fuel!! If select NO then it same as SR1 and SR2 play driver forever and never need to stop and get more fuel!!, I want to play with flashlight too PLEASE!! same as before game start select if want to play with flashlight?? YES OR NO, Do you want to play with animals?? YES OR NO, If you want to play with pets?? YES OR NO and too I want to play pay toll too PLEASE!! Want to play with pay Toll?? YES or NO!! AND MORE SOMETHING ELSE BEFORE GAME START SELECT YES OR NO BECAUSE MAY SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO PLAY WITH IT AND SOME PEOPLE MAY DON’T LIKE TO PLAY WITH IT!! SO BETTER SELECT YES OR NO BEFORE GAME START AND EVERYONE LIKE IT AND CAN PLAY IT!!! And I did read other comment that some people want to play with dog and animals in the game and some other people don’t want dog and animals in the game!! So better before the game start select option YES OR NO so everyone play differ select options!! But everyone play same STORYLINE, MISSIONS, MAP and everything same but except this options may differ!!! And if play on LIVE that player play with gas and other player play without gas then that person who play with gas have to stop at gas station and get more fuel!! and other player play without gas don’t have to stop at gas station and get more fuel!!! That will be better what happen if people want to play with it and other players don’t want it so easy select one YES or NO so everyone can play and like it and play it a lot!! If you don’t want to play with gas and it have to play with gas then some people may will don’t like it and not play it!! so better select option YES or NO before the game start!!! If not select options then how that person who make that game and how they will decide should add / make it or not some people want it and some people don’t want it so I think better and more easier select options select one YES or NO!! And can play new game and again select one YES or NO then try and see if you like it to play with it or not!!! make a differ select!! Or if select YES and play game and don’t like it then can change it to NO in same game or play new game and make a new select!!

YES I would like if that game will have animals and pets!! If buy a dog and have it then walk around with dog and if anyone come and fight with us ready dog help to defend us!! And can put dog in the car and stay with us and If we use rollerblades, skateboard, bike or other still dog can follow and stay with us!!! And can use horse so we can ride the horse it will be more fun!! If no pets and animals then it was just buildings, people and vehicles that it so add animals and pets too PLEASE!!

I want that game to have more fun need to add all different sports baseball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, football, bowling, tennis, soccer, kickball, dodge ball, golf, mini golf and other , play with friends on live, with your gangs or play with your gangs against other gangs!! If play basketball need to select one option which want to play just practice, 1 on 1, 5 on 5, knockout, horse or other before play basketball select one which one that you want to play. I want to play just for practice and later play again I want play 5 on 5!! Same as other sports have options practice or other!!! I want that game have CASINO too can play different blackjack, Texas hold’ em poker. other kinds of poker, not just video poker!! We can play any games and sports with friends on LIVE, slot machine and other!!! and I don’t want activities I not play it much… And too I want that game have fishing too can be stand on the land, bridge, on the boat or other anywhere and fishing!!

Make sure that we can customize the vehicles if have with any trailer but still can do it!! Because I did use the truck with trailer and went to SEMI-BROKEN that when I enter it and it say you can’t customize while have any trailer / while you tow other vehicles!! So make sure that we still can customize no matter if you have it or not have the any trailer / tow other vehicles and still can do it customize and too can customize trailers too!!! And should add and have customize and RIMS JOBS and dealerships for all aircrafts and watercrafts too!! And make sure that we can change colors aircrafts and watercrafts!!



YES I agree should have boyfriend/girlfriend too can go out fancy restaurant, fast food, and other not only just any restaurants!! And can go play sports too!!

I want that game have different trailers for cars like camper, boat can hauling boat any kinds of boat can be big or small boat!!, car / cars, because can hauling the car / cars any kinds of cars can be big or small vehicles!! I can haul bus, truck, motorcycles and other!! If you buy a new vehicles, customize or other release with the ground vehicles and don’t want to use it now and can use haul and bring it to storage garage and not get any damage!! If don’t have hauling then have to drive it and bring it to garage and may get damage!! so better get it on trailer and haul so not get damage!!, storage trailer if move to a new house put stuff in trailer and bring to a new house!!, If it have animals then can use trailer for animals like horses, other animals so can transport the animals from place to place and other And maybe can play HORSE RACE like on television HORSE RACING so need horse trailer too so can carrier the horse in the trailer and bring to the racing!!?? And make sure that we can handle hitch and unhitch the trailers and the big TRUCK 18 wheels too can do hitch and unhitch because I really like the truck and always have to steal the truck with trailer so better we can control hitch and unhitch because if I see truck that without the trailer and can’t hitch and unhitch and sometimes took long times to find it and steal it and also it make COPS NOTICED. So make sure better when use trucks with trailer or other car with trailers like storage, boat, hauling vehicle, camper and other that not hit anything highway signs, traffic lights, lights and other make it fall down because it short and trailer big and hit it!!! so make sure more better not hit and good and things not go fall down!!! That happen when I use the truck if I drive it on highway it was fine but when exit the highway and hit the sign on exit the highway!! and when I in the city hit traffic light so make them more high and better not hit everything and it went fall down!! And too can’t get through when in the airport local and on the highway exit the highway and try to re-enter the airport that way got stuck!! AND CANT GET THROUGH BECAUSE OF SIGNS!!! SO MAKE IT MORE BETTER AND SO CAN GET THROUGH WITH ANY VEHICLES AND ANY TRAILERS WITHOUT GET STUCK AND CAN GET THROUGH!!!! And can make TRUCK delivery missions!!! and make sure it has. And make sure that all dealers have different kind of vehicles not same as SR1 and SR2!! and can buy something than look and steal!! and too we can customize the vehicles too PLEASE!!! And too better all vehicle and trucks in any where because I notice that trucks always found in highway!!! And too PLEASE can storage any trailers in the garage too because not have to steal and make a COPS NOTICE better can store in garage and when we play game again and load the game and have it ready in garage and not have to look for trailer and steal again and not make any COPS NOTICE when steal it!!! I want that game still have trucks!! PLEASE KEEP THE TRUCKS BECAUSE I LIKE THE TRUCKS AND I USE TRUCKS MANY TIMES AND I DID USED CARS MANY TIMES TOO!!! AND I WANT ADD MORE DIFFERENT KINDS OF TRAILERS LIKE CARRIER CARS, MOBILE HOME, HEAVIER LOAD AND OTHER TRAILERS FOR TRUCKS!!! AND I WANT IT HAVE DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUCKS CABS TOO!!!

When start play games and we don’t have any house or only have a house and buy any house that we want to buy!! not only that house sale same as SR1 and SR2 any houses that we want and buy it when that house is for sale!! and we can customize the house, rooms, colors of house, rooms and other and too when buy a new house can keep old one or sell up to you what you want to do with it!! and if sell and / or want to get any furniture or other stuff to get it from your old house and bring to a new one house or buy from store and put it in the truck and bring it to your house!! and kind of truck is MULE, other TRUCKS or storage trailer that we can put stuff in the trailer when we buy new house and move to a new house put any stuff furniture and other in the trucks of MULE, 18 WHEELS OF STEELS TRUCKS or storage trailers up to you which you want to use it and put it in it and bring to other place a new house, old house or other make your own design where you want to put sofa / couch, television, bed, and other make your own rooms!!

Need to make more better COPS because sometimes happen I was driving on the road and people on the side of the road and they jump and in my way!! and I hit them and then I got COPS NOTICE me, what why?? It was not my fault and too sometimes I don’t want to play with COPS just free play and drive around, fly the airplane, helicopter, and other!! So better if the player did something wrong and make the COPS NOTICE and chase us but if not his/her fault and not get any COPS NOTICE us and don’t chase us!!

I like the firefighter, ambulance, tow truck and taxi missions good I like it!! and should make for ambulance mission get the person on gurney and then back to ambulance and drive and bring him / her to hospital!! And I want to play police missions can play it try to arrest the criminal person with the cuffs and bring to police station and put him / her in the JAIL!! and stop the car and get a tickets!! And sometimes happen I have police uniform I wear it!! and other police chase me and shoot me why shoot and chase me?? So better play like as that they don’t know I am not real police and thought I was police because I have a police uniform!! When I call police department then they come and arrive just stand and few minutes later then they leave and do nothing!! So why not help the people and arrest the criminal and bring to JAIL!! and too when I call fire department same happen as police do nothing when arrive and stand and few minutes later then leave but that place there have fire happen I drive and hit other vehicles and got wreck the vehicle and got fire but firefighter do nothing!! Better firefighter should help extinguish the fire and safe people and us!!!

I want that game has vehicles that are ice cream truck, flatbed truck, dump truck, jet and other vehicles!! The vehicles that are ice cream truck, flatbed truck I mean same as tow truck but with flatbed and can tow 2 or 3 vehicles at a time!! And make it that can do missions too!! The ice cream truck turn music on and drive around and people buy ice cream!! and flatbed truck same as tow truck but it can tow 2 or 3 vehicles at a time like when it have accident and need tow 2 vehicles ready to use that!! and not use tow truck and tow 1 vehicle to the RIMS JOB then back and get other one!! and too if want tow 2 differ vehicles at 2 differ places can use flatbed truck better!!! I really like it more better than tow truck!!! And keep tow truck too I will use it too but I like flatbed truck is more better than tow truck!!! And I want that the player can use and fly the big airplane!! I see the big airplane in the airport just sit there and can’t use it just sit all times!! So I want that big airplane we can use it!! And I want it have bus, airplane, helicopter, train and other mission transport the passenger from place to place!! Better make when we use the airplane before take off talk to radio person who work make sure safe to do take off so not get accident with other airplanes!! and before landed same thing make sure safe to do to landed so not get accident other airplanes because sometimes happen when I play it take off and it was on the way and not see any airplanes on the way when I soon flight and airplane appear there and got accident and hit other airplanes or brake and almost accident and hit other airplanes but then now can’t do take off because too close end have to go back and do again!! Also when I was landed saw airplane was there I tried to stop but airplanes was so fast and hard to stop and I hit the other airplane and wreck the airplane so better know talk and make sure safe to do take off and landed and without accident, hit other airplanes and wreck the airplane!! I want that game we can ride on the train and when train is move can press a button to skip to next station!! And need some kind of radar so I dont hit other aircraft trying to take off or land. SO PLEASE MAKE MORE AIRPORT IN DIFFERENT CITY / LOCAL Because no other place airport and how we can go to that local / city?? and no place to land and hit the buildings, cars and other and wreck the airplane and the player died!! AND ALSO I WANT IT HAVE BIGGER MAP PLEASE!!

And too why when we have recruit party as followers that when they died and the player can revive them and when the player died finish and back to HOSPITAL!! Why not recruit party as followers can help and revive the player too!!?? That will be more better!!! And I will like that game if do that recruit to revive the player too that would be good and I will like it!!! And play on LIVE play with friends that good I like it that we can revive other players and they revive me too!! When play on LIVE the friends and I can revive each other that good and I really like it!!

And need make more better handle with vehicle when use tow truck and tow the vehicle!! Because it sometimes loose control when have tow the vehicle and it hit other vehicles!!! I don’t know if want to play with garbage just mission or just free play??!!! I would like to do garbage truck just get a dumpster and pick it up and empty the dumpster then put it back and go get other dumpster and do again….. And make sure have any construction vehicles so we can build houses!! and too when I see it have construction work area a man stand with a sign say STOP or SLOW!!! and other side move too never change the sign and get hit and accident!! so make sure so not get accident and 1 side move other side stop and wait then switch 1 side stop and other move so not get an accident!! And too when I in the airplane flight and jump out the airplane and to use the parachute but happen before I did it use the parachute I was hit the airplane wing and then I can’t use the parachute and I died by hit the ground!! KEEP parachute and have it all time and can use it anytime and I don’t want have to go to get parachute same as GTA game it was good have it all times and too make sure can use it all times and anytime!! Sometimes can’t use it better can use it anytime and all times no matter if I hit the wing but still can use it!!


-brendan daly

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