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Sackboy’s Cosplay Conundrum

The new issue of Play magazine (on sale 27 November) includes a very special Sackboy feature. It allows you to dress Sackboy up as one of your favourite PlayStation characters without the need to switch your PS3 on.

In case you’re not familiar with Play, we turn the back page of every issue into a ‘game demo’. A game demo made of paper. In the new issue we’ve made cut-out costumes of Cloud Strife, Jill Valentine and Gordon Freeman that you can attach to a cut-out of Sackboy using paper tabs.

Much as we hate to admit, we suspect that most Play readers don’t actually go to the trouble of playing our back page demos, so we thought we’d post images here of what Sackboy should look like in each of his costumes.

Remember, these images are not taken from the game, so don’t go looking for these costumes on the PlayStation Store. We made them ourselves using Photoshop and magic dust.


Click on each image for a larger version.

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