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Rumours – Motion control in March, Dreamcast games on PSN

Rumours – Motion control in March, Dreamcast games on PSN


We could be seeing the Sony motion controller launching as early as March next year and Dreamcast games could be coming to PSN if a document supposedly detailing talks between Sega and Sony is genuine. The document was discovered by French site Objectif-Sega and details a number of possible strategies being pursued by Sony and Sega. Here’s a list of the big points:

  • Motion controller launching spring 2010, March in Japan
  • Home support for Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Iron Man 2 and Aliens Vs. Predator
  • Possible release of Yakuza sequels as downloadable games on PSN in West
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines for PSP
  • Sonic Collection for PS3
  • Sega has pitched Virtua Tennis as a motion-control game
  • Sony wants to bring PS2 games to PSN
  • Sega wants to offer PS3 exclusive Dreamcast games for download

The original story has since been pulled by the French site, but there hasn’t been any official word yet from either Sega or Sony. None of the information seems outlandish, though. We’ll have to wait and see. NowGamer also has more on this story

Via Kotaku

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  • David

    Sony really do need to do more to bring the PS1 and PS2 back catalogues onto the store and it’s not as if there aren’t plenty of big titles they could do if they didn’t want to put up the lower rated one’s. Personally I think they need to bring the entire collection to PSN since the discs will eventually become hard to get hold of.

    I’m hoping Sony will start to bring Sega titles to PSN, especially since 360 and Wii both have Sega classics on there stores.

  • Gpulos

    DREAMCAST games FTW…POWER STONE and SONIC ADVENTURE, that’s all I ask for