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Rumour: Subscriptions For PSN Cross Game Chat

Rumour: Subscriptions For PSN Cross Game Chat


The Official PlayStation Magazine in the US has suggested that cross-game chat, a feature many PS3 gamers would like to see brought to their console, could be restricted to subscribers only. The ability to chat with friends playing different games is enjoyed already by Xbox 360 owners and is one of the most requested updates to the PS3. Sony has in the past hinted that such a service would be coming in time, but this news will come as a blow to many.

Sony has been talking about adding some form of subscription for premium content to PS3, but promised that any such levee would not deprive users of the content they get for free already. As Cross-game chat would be a new feature it is plausible that it would fit within Sony’s own guidelines in that regard. Not that we’ll be all that happy about it.

We’ve contacted Sony for comment and we’ll update you as soon as we have it

Via VG247

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  • Dave Moore

    sony shouldn’t even contemplate charging,the psn is free,sony should be congratulated on that but charging for a premium for something people want and not every one will be able to afford will aliante people.

  • Alex Thornton

    Thanks sony, thanks for taking over 3 years to make us pay for our most wanted feature…b*stards.

  • Garan

    Oh god.If Sony charges for this it will become a downward spiral.

  • Mystakill

    Free PSN is one of the reasons I prefer my PS3 over my 360 (that, and I’ve never YLoDed once, while I’ve RRoDed *6* 360s) Microsoft has gone out of its way to add new “features” to Gold in an effort to artificially inflate the value of it. They’re essentially charging for access to things like Netflix (which I already pay for), Facebook, last.fm, and Twitter, which are all *free* services (and poorly implemented on the 360 anyway)

    What is Sony thinking? Keeping up with Redmond isn’t the best way to keep customers happy.