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Rumour: inFamous 2 in 2010

Rumour: inFamous 2 in 2010


The US Official PlayStation Mag is touting a scoop that inFamous will be getting a sequel in 2010. With the back end of the year looking a little sparse on PS3 we would expect at least one major franchise to make an appearance, but what really cements the rumour as erring on the side of truth is the statement from Sony on the matter.

Sony’s official word on an inFamous 2 sequel is, “we do not comment on rumor or speculation.” No change of tune there and you would be forgiven for thinking that puts an end to things except of late Sony has done nothing but comment on rumours or speculation when they were false. Motion control naming in particular has been an issue Sony has openly shot down again and again. First it shot down Gem as a codename, thenĀ  Arc. Since both are false names Sony was commenting on rumour and speculation.

Applying some blinkered logic for a moment it would seem Sony doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation unless its false, which means this news must be true*.

*we cannot guarentee this is in any way true

Via VG247

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  • gpulos

    I reallly hope it’s true;loved the first one