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Rubbish PlayStation peripherals

Rubbish PlayStation peripherals

This morning we received the following item in the post – the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter:

Now, there’s nothing particularly wrong with this peripheral. We haven’t had a proper go of it yet, but holding it in our hands made us feel as if we were holding a M41A Pulse Rifle, and that is always a good thing. Still, it got us thinking about some of the less impressive PlayStation peripherals to have been released over the years, such as the…

Trance Vibrator
It’s not necessarily a terrible peripheral. I mean, it did its job well – it was a small flat paddle that you placed in your breast pocket that vibrated along to the music and gameplay of Rez. Inevitably it found itself used for far more salacious purposes – which is really their own fault for putting ‘vibrator’ in the title.

The NeGcon was developed for the original PlayStation by Namco, the pad removing the L2 and R2 buttons as well as the select button. It also twisted in the middle, which apparently made it good for racing games. We can kind of imagine that working, but, you know, we’d rather just use a steering wheel if we cared about our racing experience that much.

Again, Namco, if we wanted a steering wheel peripheral, we’d just get a steering wheel.

PS2 Vertical Stand
For the low, low price of £19.99 you could have bought a small bit of plastic that allowed your PS2 to stand on its side and save space. Except the PS2 could quite effectively stand on its side on its own. The circular plastic disc also stuck out a bit, so it actually took up more space than if you just popped your PS2 on its side without it.

Messiah Darklite Lightbar PS3
If you think that your PS3 truly needs underlighting then you probably also need a slap across the face.

GunCon 3
Orange, chunky, strange protrusion sticking out of the side – the GunCon 3 was simply an ugly piece of kit. Designed with the idea of controlling your character’s movement while also playing a light gun game, no titles made worthwhile use of the concept. The GunCon 3 was useless as well as ugly, then.

Move Boxing Gloves
Just…no. If we ever find ourselves buying gloves in the hope that we’ll be able to play a game more effectively then we’ll quit games journalism right there and then.

So…what peripherals or accessories would you add to this list?