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Review – Lumines Electric Symphony

Review – Lumines Electric Symphony

There’s one awkward moment while you’re playing Lumines. Just one. It’s when you find yourself slipping back into the standard Lumines routine – slamming down blocks and drooling at the mesmerising background while electronica music tickles your ears – and you remember you’re playing on a PS Vita.

Cue hopeful tapping, swiping and stabbing the screen with your fingers, waiting for some sort of feedback. We’ll nip any potential disappointment in the bud – touchscreen implementation here is a polite gesture for the curious, not an essential (or even interesting) part of the game.

Otherwise, this is Lumines 101, now on an even sexier screen. The gameplay hasn’t changed at all. You still group colours into a cube of four or more, with that cube that being whisked away to Points Land when the beat bar slides past it. It’s a disco reinvention of Tetris, testing on your abilities to plan several blocks ahead and also pick apart any awkward mess where you fumbled earlier.

Lumines Electric Symphony isn’t the Vita playground you might want it to be comes to revolutionary gameplay or a checklist of innovations what it does do is give you a gorgeous kaleidoscope of slick colours and one of gaming’s coolest soundtracks married to simple, addictive gameplay.

The formula may need reinventing one day but the PS Vita era is clearly not that time.