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Resistance 3 (almost) announced

Resistance 3 (almost) announced


People need to learn that we live in a modern age of things like digital cameras requiring no development time, phones with said cameras built-in and the internet being available just about everywhere. Why? Well otherwise things like this happen: a man was driving past a film set of what looked like a bombed-out petrol station and noticed that – aside from the astronomically high (by American standards) petrol prices, there was also a banner for Resistance 3.

Lo, it was snapped and uploaded, and now it’s been splurged all over the internet. Including right here. When will they learn?

Obviously there’s very little to go on, except for the fact that the outline of the Statue of Liberty can be seen as a silhouette in the ‘A’. Which means – if this turns out to be real – we’re going to put a bit of money on Resistance 3 being set in Outer Mongolia.

Check out NeoGAF for the original pictures and more ‘fun’ chat.

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  • Dave Moore

    i hope it’s genuine.granted they may not be outstandingly good games but they are fun at times and the story still needs completion.

  • Rbl007

    most people i’ve heard tlaking about this are thinking it’s a fake, someeven go as far as calling not a bad photoshop picture and saying theres no shadow even structly unsound, which i don’t belive.

    one person thinks it might come out fall 2011?? who knows really