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Resident Evil Wii games unlikely on PS3

Resident Evil Wii games unlikely on PS3


Among the many exciting announcements from TGS over the weekend, one of the most exciting was that Resident Evil would be supporting the PS3’s motion-control technology when it launches next year. This in turn led to speculation that some of the Wii’s very well-received Resident Evil rail shooters (Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles) could be given HD upgrades to appear on the PS3, but Resi 5 producer Jun Takeuchi isn’t so sure.

“With the difference between hardware specs for the Wii and the PS3, porting might be hard,” Takeuchi revealed. “We currently have no plans.” Capcom does, however, have plans to release Resident Evil 5 with motion-control support much as it did with Resi 4 on the Wii and that was pretty good. There’s also hope that Resi 6 could arrive a little quicker than some would expect, although Takeuchi is currently busy with Lost Planet 2. Hopefully we’ll get a closer look at what Capcom is cooking up.

Via Kotaku

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  • David

    I would like to see some Wii games make there way onto PS3 with the new wand, but developers probably won’t be convinced that porting an old game would be worth while. The other issue is that Wii has a controller for each hand but the PS3 only seems to have one. Some games such as rayman raving rabbids are built around two. So whilst I want to see the wand I have my doubts that some Wii games will be able to work.

  • Dave Moore

    will it get a much needed, overhaul or will resi5 still fundamentally be the same game?