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Resident Evil Director Trashes Other Video Game Movies, We Die Laughing

Resident Evil Director Trashes Other Video Game Movies, We Die Laughing

Let’s get one thing straight: we’re not saying that Paul WS Anderson isn’t a good film director. Or that he’s not a good writer. Or that, for us, he’s not even any good at being a Paul Anderson, because fellow director Paul Thomas Anderson is so much better that in conversations around the office, anyone referring to a ‘Paul Anderson’ has to qualify it with ‘the real one’ ‘or the fake one’.

Nope, we’re not saying that. We’re just saying that none of the movies Paul Anderson (the fake one) has directed have broken 50% on the Rottentomatoes.com aggregator. That’s all.

Anyway, Paul Anderson (the fake one) has decided to offer his opinion on other films based on videogames, bashing them for not understanding the source material:

“A lot of video game movies are made by directors who don’t know the video games they are based on from a hole in the head. They don’t do justice to the games, they don’t immerse themselves in the games, they don’t understand what people liked from the games” Anderson told trade mag MCV, apparently without a trace of irony.

Sadly for Paul Anderson (the fake one) he’s conveniently forgotten that his own Resident Evil movies bear about as much resemblance to the games as the Star Wars Holiday Special does to Star Wars.

After all, we’re big fans of that moment in Resident Evil 3 when Jill recognises the humanity in Nemesis, and they share a tender moment together. Real tear-jerker, that one.

But wait: Anderson thinks that his movies are ‘successful’ as adaptations because they keep making money at the box office.  Now, we’re not ones to disagree with an internationally famous director or anything, but here’s a quick newsflash: Transformers 2 made over 600 million bucks.

600 million! For a movie most people would be quick to agree that, when aliens descend on the ashes of our civilisation, will be used as evidence as to why we all went mad and killed ourselves.

What ‘people liked’ about  the first three or so Resident Evil games was the tension, the atmosphere, the fear, the difficulty. They weren’t much interested in the bit where your wife wearing a red dress ran up a wall and kicked a zombie dog in the face because, hey, The Matrix, right?

Later games may have become more action-orientated, but at least they were underpinned with, well, great action: Resident Evil 4 defined an entire genre. The movie interpretation of ‘great action’ seems to entail Jovovich running around with some guns in skimpy outfits, ‘acting’ all serious when she’s mouthing the sort of dialogue that would be below that of a team of eight year old’s playing with their Action Men.

In other news, unconfirmed reports suggest that Paul Anderson (the fake one) is in talks to direct a big-budget adaptation of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black, starring Milla Jovovich.

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  • eelay

    I’m sorry but i must disagree, yes the resi films are far from great but they do have the basic elements of the games especially the last film (afterlife) having played the majority of the games i can say that! . also when you compare to other game to film directors such as UWE BOLL then i think PAUL WS ANDERSON isnt that bad!

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    ^This person is INSANE^

  • Dustin

    @ eelay: Basic elements!? what about making a freaking HORROR movie! I dont recall playing the resident evil games doing a bunch of wire stunts in slowmotion and riding motorcycles through windows and stuff. These are over-the-top action movies that only borrow some characters and names from resident evil; when they should focus more on getting the survival horror aspects in there; they don’t even try to make these movies scary! These movies miss the point entirely.