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Resident Evil 6 – First Confirmed Details

Resident Evil 6 – First Confirmed Details

It may seem like Resident Evil 6 overkill, when you glance at the contents of our blog page. But hey – it’s a big announcement, Capcom is likely not to say anything else on it until E3, let’s get everything out the way now. So here’s the trailer:

And here are the known facts:

  • It’s looking like Ashley is the blonde character… but it’s not 100% confirmed yet. Capcom mentioned Ashley as the character on their Facebook page but then Capcom US said that the page confirming Ashley wasn’t official. For what it’s worth, IGN has reported the blonde character to be Sherry Birkin, who you may remember from Resident Evil 2.
  • Co-op has been confirmed. Each section of the game will support co-op – Leon will have new female partner Helena Harper, Chris will have a soldier partner, then there’s the unknown scarred character teaming up with Ashley/Sherry.
  • Split-screen should return. You’ll notice some characters standing ‘on the left’ as Sheva did in Resident Evil 5, a system that was introduced specifically for split-screen co-op.
  • 2-6 player co-op and 2-8 player online, confirmed on Microsoft’s product page for the Xbox 360 release of Resident Evil 6. No details on how this will work yet. Could be something tied in with Mercenaries?
  • Moving and shooting at the same time is in, as is a cover system of sorts. The control system ‘has been overhauled’, according to Capcom.
  • There’s some confusion over when Resident Evil 6 is actually set, with the official line from Capcom stating that it takes place in 2013 and also mentioning that it takes place 10 years after the Raccoon City incident, which would put the game’s story at 2008.
  • Info on a demo due in the coming months.
  • It’s been in development for two years thus far.
  • Being made by an internal team at Capcom of 150 people. Including outsourcing and support staff, 600 people will have worked on Resident Evil 6.
  • The enemy seen chasing the scarred character and Ashley/Sherry is known as the Javo.

So one big question is when the game is actually set. All the Raccoon City incidents took place in 1998 in Resident Evil’s timeline – that’s the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero (the mansion), Resident Evil 2 and the first part of Resident Evil 3 (Raccoon City), and the ending of Resident Evil 3 (Raccoon City being destroyed by a missile strike). So 10 years after Raccoon City and 2013 are different dates. For what it’s worth, if Resident Evil 6 is set 10 years after Raccoon City, its 2008 setting would make it a prequel to Resident Evil 5 (which was set in 2009). Among other things, a 2008 setting means Wesker would still be alive.

If we had to guess, then it’ll be 2013, as it makes the most sense in terms of story progression.

Beyond that, it looks like the game is being split up into three parts – Leon (horror) in Tall Oaks, Chris (action) in China and the new scarred character (Nemesis) in what is presumably a third location. All three parts will play out at the same time, in terms of the storyline.

And that’s it! Capcom will likely keep quiet until E3, as the announcement trailer gave us a hell of a lot in terms of what to expect, but you never know. They surprised us once with this announcement, who’s to say they won’t surprise us all again…

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  • Joey

    I dunno it all looks pretty damn bloody racist to me.

  • Jamie

    Well the trailer certainly makes it look good and moving AND shooting at the same time!? What will they think of next? It’s about damn time the series moved on from the odd stand still to aim. Although that will take some fear out of the game I agree but it will put it more in with likes of Deadspace hopefully and win back its greatest horror game title. I’m not sure how good a cover system will be against zombies I mean it seems pretty pointless unless you’re against someone/something that can fire projectiles at you but yeah overall it looks updated and to be honest I think it looks like a step in the right direction and that’s certainly what the series needs or it will end up like Tony Hawks and Crash Bandicoot and so many other “great” series that are now just utter codswallop