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Resident Evil 5 was (not) missing Gold Edition content

Resident Evil 5 was (not) missing Gold Edition content


Capcom’s Yasuhiro Anpo, director on Resident Evil 5, revealed in a recent blog that the content of the upcoming Gold/Alternative Edition could have been included as a free bonus on the original game. He didn’t, as some seem to think, say the content was originally included on the disc before being mercilessly ripped out to force the unsuspecting public to part with more of their hard-earned dollah.

No, this was seemingly a case of too much ambition, not enough production budget. While we’d have been all too happy to not know about any of this at all and just sit, waiting to lap up the new Resi goodness, it is interesting to read about. Apparently it was the prohibitive cost of producing cutscenes that stopped the content from being included first time around.

The plan was, apparently, to have a scenario featuring Jill’s escape from a tri-Cell facility as a bonus for players completing the main game. Pretty much like every Resi game has had something along those lines. While the game part would have been easy enough to make, the team wanted to include the same quality of cutscene as was in the main game – though at one point they considered using comic book-style scenes. The idea was dropped, as was the entire section.

But now we get to pay them a bit more and we get some proper cutscenes on top. Everything works out fine. If you care about all this, that is.

[via andriasang]

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  • Dave Moore

    thats just pr talk.it shouldve been on there from the launch and maybe make a truly awful game worth sticking with.