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Remembering Marvel vs Capcom 2

Remembering Marvel vs Capcom 2

Marvel vs Capcom 3 is out this Friday, finally drawing a close to Marvel vs Capcom 2 – a game that has been through 10 years of tournaments, infinites, glitches and people moaning about Cable. It’s endured as a tournament fighting game all that time, second only to Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and leaves behind lots of great videos.

Plus it’s an excuse for a lazy blog post. Onwards!

Great match and greater commentary, even if you don’t understand the game:

The greatest comeback ever?

Awesome Magneto/Psylocke play:

Only linking this for the incredible noise at 1:39:

Obviously it’s not like Marvel vs Capcom 2 is going to die now its sequel has been released and it’s available on PSN for those interested. But its days as a tournament game are likely over – now we just have to wait and see how Marvel vs Capcom 3 evolves as a competitive game…

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