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References to PS3 found in Mass Effect 2 source code

References to PS3 found in Mass Effect 2 source code


Some clever PC-fiddling types in Poland have dug around inside the source code of the PC version of Mass Effect 2 and discovered the following lines of code…

[SFXGame.BioSFHandler_CharacterR? Ecord2]
m_nMaxRenegade=1900 m_nMaxRenegade = 1900
m_nMaxParagon=1957 m_nMaxParagon = 1957
m_srXPFormat=340881 m_srXPFormat = 340,881
m_srSpendTalentPointsMessageXBox? = 348,754
m_srParagonRenegadeMessageXBox = 3? 48,755
m_srSpendTalentPointsMessagePC = 3? 48,753
m_srParagonRenegadeMessagePC = 348? 755
m_srSpendTalentPointsMessagePS3 =? 348,755
m_srParagonRenegadeMessagePS3 = 15? 3007

And there’s even a picture here.

Now, obviously we don’t know exactly what all that means, but we do know that we see four lines with Xbox, four lines with PC and four lines with PS3. This seems to suggest that at some point at least, Mass Effect 2 was in development for the PS3. And that in turn suggests that it almost certainly still is.

We’ve never had much doubt about that anyway – EA would have nothing to gain by not selling a few million more copies of the game to PS3 owners – the more difficult question is over whether or not the PS3 will ever see the original Mass Effect. Microsoft never owned Bioware, but it still must own at least part of the publishing rights to the first game. We’re less sure about this, but we do still reckon a PS3 Mass Effect double pack is in the works. In fact, we’d guess that Microsoft and EA have come to an agreement whereby Microsoft agrees to let EA publish the first Mass Effect on the PS3 in return for a nice, long timed exclusive on Mass Effect 2. Something like that anyway.

Update: BioWare is claiming that the PS3 references in the code are an inevitable by-product of using the Unreal Engine, as NowGamer reports.

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