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Red Faction 4 and Saints Row 3 (not quite) confirmed


The internet just makes things better – it also makes the act of gathering news a much simpler process and throws out apparent secrets with aplomb. Take, for example, this latest rumour: one Duke Tong – man with a fantastic name – listed on his LinkedIn profile that he had, until October this year, been managing art assets for a few THQ games. What’s most interesting is the two listed at the bottom:

  • Saints Row 3
  • Red Faction 4

It would come as no surprise whatsoever to see sequels to these two, as we think both Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla did pretty well and both are minor cult classics. The potential for both games to be expanded on is something we personally are looking forward to – especially if the RF:G engine were to be implemented into any future Saints Row title.

This may all turn out to be nonsense, so don’t take it as any kind of official confirmation. Just take it as an ‘it would make sense for them to make these games’ pseudo-confirmation.

We love you internet. You tell us things.

(LinkedIn profile / source)

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