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Red Dead Redemption: it just hasn’t grabbed me


I’ve put in something like six hours so far on Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar San Diego’s western epic. I’ve done missions for many different people, I’ve shot many innocent bystanders, I’ve played my share of poker and I’ve moseyed along a huge part of the map. But it’s not grabbed me. I’m not craving being able to play it now. I don’t feel I have to get back to the game as soon as possible. And I feel like – as a result – there’s something wrong with me.

I feel like I’m missing out on some grand experience many people have already been involved in. I’m regaled with stories told by dewy-eyed ex-cowboys who let the world of New Austin et al wash over them wholesale. I’m told why it was so involving, why I’m a fool for not getting totally immersed in the world, and every time it makes me go back and play that bit harder.

But it still hasn’t grabbed me. Where I could drive around the streets of Liberty City for hours on end simply messing about, Red Dead Redemption hasn’t grabbed me. Where I could roam the surface of Mars smashing up anything I came into contact with in Red Faction: Guerrilla, Red Dead Redemption still hasn’t grabbed me. And even though I could waste a ludicrous amount of time surfing cars on Saints Row 2, Red Dead Redemption still hasn’t grabbed me.

I’m not saying its the game’s fault, nor am I claiming it’s anything approaching a bad game. Far from it – it’s clearly a labour of love, epic in scale and one of the finest representations of a cowboy sim we’ve ever had. Even though I don’t get along with it as well as I’d like to, and even though I do find certain issues with the game, there’s no doubt in my mind it is a great work and something Rockstar should be proud of.

But it just hasn’t grabbed me. These days I need games that won’t let me go until I’ve finished them, and it looks like Red Dead Redemption may be consigned to the pile of games I always intend to finish, but never do. Or maybe it’ll just click one day. Who knows?

What about you? How do you feel about RDR? Are there any big-name games out there you just don’t click with? Am I being a ‘lame’ ‘moron’ for being unable to let hot cowboy action wash all over me? Feel free to spake youre branes below.

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  • Marc

    Well my advice would be to stop playing the game.

    Why on earth would you play a game you don’t like, not as if there wasn’t a ton of choice out there.

  • Sean

    I just couldn’t get into ‘Bayonetta’. Actually I hated pretty much everything about it apart from some of the special moves, “it got all those great ratings” I would say to myself but some games just aren’t ment for everyone. Maybe the terrible port had something to do with it or the over the top characters, I’m not sure but it just didn’t click.

  • I felt the same way for about the first 5 hours of the game but in the end I did play it all the way through. Im not a big fan of all the in game card games seeing how thats something I would rather do with friends while maybe drinking. If I wanted to play card I would of spent $1 on card not $50 on a video game! Good game still and got it for only $50 off Amazon right when it came out.

  • Tim Larkin

    I felt the same way about GTA. I tried to like GTA, but it never grabbed me. That was my fear of RDR. I still haven’t bought it since it is a GTA-type game.

    Maybe it has something to do with everything being “pretend”. The game mechanics are very weak, so you have to pretend that everything you are doing is realistic. If you can do that, you will like the game.

  • Conor

    I love RDR.I can’t put the controller down.A big game that I keep intending to get stuck into is fallout 3.I play it for a few hours then I might not play it again for two weeks,I find it hard to get stuck into it even though its a great game.

  • Simon

    If RDR was more sci fiction-y then i’ll 100% buy it but i’m not a big fan of the wild west thus i haven’t bought it. i don’t regret it because i have more than enough games to keep me busy.

  • Francisco

    RDR is a great game,but just like you I play for a max of 2 hours and don’t feel the need,the craving of keep on going.I put it on the side and play fifa 2010(ANY SPORT GAME IS GOING TO KEEP YOU HOOK,THE PLEASURE OF BEATING PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD,TEAMING UP WITH 8 OTHER GUYS TO PLAY AGAINST ANOTHER 8,I LOVE IT.).Gta IV such an amazing game,but my experience with it hasn’t been great,I trade it in,then the two add ons came out,got a used copy and got the two add ons,the first one the lost and damn,I didn’t like,the second one was better,but just like the main game didn’t grabbed me.I know of the amazing games all of them are,the graphics,the music,the stories,everything is good,but I am stuck on 2005 when I bought my copy of San Andreas,man I couldn’t stop playing that game,I would be late to work,stay all night up playing it without stopping,ditch my girl to play it.Cj flying planes,making millions of dollars,owning territories,traveling from venturas to San fierro,to los santos.I feel stupid to say it ,but I guess I am addicted to San Andreas and I am stil waiting for that game,for the one to give me all that adventures.I just feel that San Andreas gave me the best time as a gamer so far,but it might just have ruined my gamer life.

  • Eric

    The game is overrated because it is from Rockstar and people are merely riding the hype train… simple as that. A glitch filled, repetitive and empty world that has a laughable ending to the story. Then again, maybe taming horses and herding cows is just not my thing. I know one thing, I do not feel like there is something wrong with me because of my disdain for it in the face of what I see as unwarranted praise that is fueled by mass hype.

  • C

    For me it’s the exact opposite. I’ve never actually been grabbed by any sandbox game until Red Dead. I’ve never given a crap about any of the side missions in GTA or Assasins creed. All of that bored me until Red Dead. This is because the side missions don’t feel out of place in the world like in those games. If I’m walking along and I feel like hunting, picking flowers or helping some people out, I do.

  • my kids and i play red dead redemption and we love it, i love the missions, they love just riding around shooting animals. a few games i couldnt get into were fallout3, just cause 2, and most recently final fantasy 13

  • Alan

    I traded in Red Dead about 3 weeks ago. I got to Mexico and then got bored, well more bored than I already was. The missions were boring, the environment while it looked awesome was boring and I never got the urge to bother finishing. GTA is far better in my opinion. The missions are far more diverse and if you get bored there is plenty to do. I honestly dont know what the hype was all about.

  • Joey

    I have to agree with the first commenter, Marc.
    Just look at him, football shirt with headphones, charming smile, little Asian eyes. He’s just great!

  • Dave Moore

    No,i get you.The story takes way to long to get where its going,the annoying scream of someone who needs help just gets repetitive to.
    But my biggest gripe? The game has id like Return of the king-i didnt like the films any way but sat through them with my girlfriend.Return had loads of endings in it-same with Red dead.The point where the story should finish it doesnt-which leads to a cliche ending which in turn leads to an even more clicje ending.This to me just destroys what little structure the story had in the first place.

  • Jenn

    I’m so happy to see I’m not the only person bored out of my skull. I keep looking at the Metacritic rating of 95 and going “what, what?” I actually was having fun with the game in the beginning, but by the time I got to Mexico it all seems very repetitive. I just ignore all the people screaming for help now because it is either 1.) someone who’s wife is about to get hanged, or 2.) someone trying to steal my horse, or 3.) someone whose horse has been stolen. Over and over and over again.WTF??

    As far as comparing it to Fallout 3, yes RDR is a much better looking game with far better voice acting, but Fallout 3 just has so many unique events in it that I never get bored. And it isn’t the setting I don’t think. I was really looking forward to playing a Western. The problem is I just feel so strait-jacketed by the game. I don’t want to be forced to help the Mexican Army and then switch sides to the Revolutionaries. I just would love to pick a side or something. And so much action happens in the cut scenes that I could have simply played. Ugh.

  • Rainbow_geisha

    I feel exactly the same way, summat is amiss, summat is making me look at the game and say, oh i will play that another time….after i have played uncharted 2 for the 400 millionth time. RDR, Right Dont Replay

  • Arniemazmax

    I love westerns, but like many felt it lacked soul. Beautiful graphics but the game missed so many of the classic western moments like bandits riding in to town, along with my posse smashing an upstairs window and engaging in gun battles, bar room fights breaking out smashed chairs and tables, a side kick to kit out and watch out for, a number of love interests. How far you could venture into the wilderness should depend on how much stores your horse could carry, so if going long distances to reach remote villages your horse should be slow and very vunerable thus requiring stratedgy, going off the beaten track etc. I wanted to customize my character a d take on other rival gangs requiring planning stratedgy selecting and equipping my gang. And I felt they missed a trick not being able to trade with Indians and befriend or make enemies off. I know you are all going to hate me for saying this but for me Gun was more immersive I played that for hours, though graphics are a joke in comparison even call of juarez was more enjoyable quick play through. For me they rushed it.

  • dudeman

    Just play the damn game!

  • whutmiwurry

    its fun if you can get past the broken control system, which is extremely difficult

  • NWD

    Advice- Play on hardcore, turn sensitivity all the way up, turn auto CENTER off. If you’re good at GTA 4, this is for you. Good times await.