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Read Play First!

Read Play First!

Play is growing. Play is expanding. Play is giving you a way to be the first with the shocking secrets on the hottest games, learn more about the games you thought you knew about, nab Trophies with minimal effort and become the all-knowing expert on everything PlayStation, from PlayStation to PS Vita to PSN.

How? Because we now cover iTunes, Android, Zinio, Newsstand, Apple… every technical format you can imagine. And some you can’t. Well, depending on how good your imagination is.

It’s all found at www.greatdigitalmags.com, our huge home for all our digital platforms. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what format you’re on or what you’re doing at the time – the biggest, brightest, boldest and best PlayStation is just a few taps away.

Even better, those who subscribe aren’t just rewarded with unrivalled PlayStation coverage but with 25% off the usual subscription price. Don’t say we’re ever anything but brilliant to you. But always remember it’s because we love you the most.

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