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Ratchet And Clank HD: A Trilogy Too Far?

Ratchet And Clank HD: A Trilogy Too Far?

Now in Glorious HD (TM)

Ratchet And Clank HD is coming and, as is par for the course, it’s a trilogy collection. It was expected, it’s unsurprising, it makes sense and many gamers are pleased with this occurrence.

But is it an HD collection too many?

Have we reached a tipping point? Could this be where good faith and the reaction of ‘that is a reasonable collection to release’ runs out? Will it ever run out?

Personally, I’m fine – happy, even – that the Ratchet trilogy is coming in HD. The first two are great games, and though the third falters somewhat, it’s still fun. They deserve a re-release, and – as long as it’s the same deal as before – it’ll be cheap for the three of them.

But we will get to a point where less prestigious collections make their way to the PS3. We’ve already seen the hack-job that was Splinter Cell HD, and nobody really cared when Mortal Kombat got itself a digital re-release.

At the same time, these re-relases – even if they’re bad – don’t steal valuable development time from main studios, don’t cost studios much to produce and, as with any game, can be ignored if you don’t like them. So is there ever a reason to dislike this deluge of HD collections?

Well, I do have one reason. The Ratchet And Clank HD Trilogy release means that my favourite joke from Tools Of Destruction has lost its impact somewhat. No longer will it be as hilarious when the duo is told by another character he “didn’t recognise them in HD”.

Shut up, I found that funny.

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