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R-Type Tactics II announced

R-Type Tactics II announced


Irem has announced a sequel to the turn-based strategy spin-off of its legendary shoot-‘em-up series. Like its prequel, R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate (yes, really) will be a PSP exclusive and, also like its prequel, it’s going to involve commanding forces through a series of epic space battles.

At the end of R-Type Tactics, humanity defeated the Bydo, but the Earth Union decided to retain some Bydo technology in order to develop weapons. When will they learn?

The Granzera Revolutionary Army, based on Mars, isn’t prepared to wait for another Bydo catastrophe to happen and has declarted war on the Earth Union with the objective of destroying the Bydo forever.

So R-Type Tactics II tells the story of the war between two human factions, although the Bydo are also bound to get involved at some point too.

R-Type Tactics II is due for release in Japan in October. It’s not yet confirmed for any other territories, but watch this space.

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