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Queen honours UK games industry

Queen honours UK games industry


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas – or Liz for short – has named a number of games industry figures in her annual New Year Honours list. An Honour is a title that you can’t really do anything much with, but does look very impressive and shows that your accomplishments have been formally recognised by the establishment. They’re just like PlayStation Trophies basically. MBEs – that’s Member of the order of British Empire, Bronze basically – were awarded to Oliver and Paul Collyer, founders of Sports Interactive, the company behind the Football Manager series. ELSPA’s Paul Jackson picked up an OBE – Officer of the British Empire, that’s a Silver to you and me – while the biggest prize went to Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens, who is now a Commander of the British Empire (CBE, equivalent to a Gold Trophy). We hereby insist that the next game Codemasters announces be a sprawling historical RTS called Commander Of The British Empire. Sadly, there were no Platinums, or ‘Knighthoods’, for anyone in the games industry this year.

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  • David

    You should definitely have your own royal correspondent! She’s only Queen of the Northern Irish bit of Ireland though – bit of a rumpus about all that some 80 years ago or so.

  • IanDransfield

    I am happy to take the reigns as Play’s official royal correspondent. Though as I hear it, Her Maj only plays on the Wii. The poor fool.

    Wait.. is it treason to call the Queen a fool?

  • Gavin Mackenzie

    Oh, he’s right. It’s been Northern Ireland since 1953. My mistake Your Majesty.