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Publishers: Please Be Quiet

Publishers: Please Be Quiet

Saints Row: The Third and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: what do they have in common? Well they’re both sandbox games, for starters. Both of them are also high-profile releases from major publishers. And, infuriatingly, they’re also games whose sequels have been announced just days before they hit shelves.

Seriously THQ and Ubisoft: what the balls are you doing? Why not wait until after your game hits the shelves before proclaiming a sequel will get the go ahead? Of course, we already know that Assassin’s Creed III will come out next year: after all, a winter for Ubisoft without Ass Creed on its balance sheet is like a winter without air for most people, and Saints Row is going to sell well and get a sequel. Fine.

But why announce what essentially is an admission that an improved version of the game you’re thinking of buying will be out soon-ish? THQ’s Head of Talking Heads Danny Bilson has mooted that Saints Row 4 (or whatever it’s going to be called) will be ‘wilder’ than the last one. Which is being sold as the wildest one yet. And isn’t even out yet. Brilliant.

So, gamers, you know what to do. Want to play the wildest Saints Row experience, or the next ‘proper’ Assassin’s Creed game? Skip over SR : The Third and Revelations. Hey: we’re not telling you to, they are.

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  • In 2013 I’m going to be older and potentially wiser, so why not skip next year’s birthday and wait until the next? 😉

  • Thomas Bell

    Good luck getting Danny Bilson to clam up. Dude’s been running THQ development for four years, and Saints Row Third is his first hit.

    Well, maybe a hit. We don’t know what it cost, so we’ll have to see if Bilson shuts down Volition in a few months like he did Kaos after Homefront. He’s over-promised on everything else. I refuse to buy THQ games until at least 2 weeks after release to avoid the swindle.