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PSPgo to be relaunched, maybe (with price drop, possibly)


If suspicious, unnamed sources are to be believed, Sony is planning an effective ‘relaunch’ of the PSPgo and an accompanying marketing campaign to push the tiny handheld into the homes of many more across the globe.

Any relaunch wouldn’t see changes to the hardware, we’re pretty sure – what with it being less than a year old. We would hope to see a price drop, though, and maybe some more incentives to drag ‘vanilla’ PSP owners over to the digital distribution side of things. Oh, and cheaper games on PSN. Definitely cheaper games on PSN – that has to be done regardless of relaunch or no.

These alleged sources told Gamervision the news, so while it isn’t iron-clad confirmation, it is at least a sensible suggestion. Time will tell, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if Sony do indeed relaunch the PSPgo – this time with the intention of making people actually buy one.

Of course, it could all be nonsense and just the fevered dreams of a madman. In fact, it could turn out that the PSPgo is actually getting a price hike to make it more desirable to the privileged few. £12,000 per console, games a grand each. You heard it hear first.

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  • Dave Moore

    it doesn’t need relaunching,it needs scraping