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PSPgo: The (debatably) shocking Danish price edition


The PSPgo has been on the wrong end of a fair bit of stick concerning its price, with varying amounts of anger depending on where you go. Don’t go to Denmark then. While we’re more or less willing to take the £225 hit we’d have to pay here for the handheld (with the free Gran Turismo and few other games making the pill far easier to swallow), the Danes are expected to cough up… well, about £245.

So while that may have seemed like a great story for the sensationalist headlines around: ‘PSPGO COSTS AS MUCH AS A PS3!!!!! SHOCKER!!!!!’ and all that gubbins, when you put it in perspective it really isn’t that bad.

Sure, the price is actually as much as a PS3, and yes it’s even more expensive than the PSPgo in the UK, but it’s still not exactly life-changingly more expensive. Danish retailers are refusing to stock the console because of its price, though, which shows Sony probably should still pull its finger out.

If only to avoid more pointless headlines.

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