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PSPgo out today! [Update]

pspgo58010Didn’t you know? The PSPgo, Sony’s latest version of its portable hardware is launched globally today. The console is available from £224.99 in all good retailers and online, and for that you’ll get the sleek and sexy PSPgo and some free downloads from PSN to start your digital gaming lives. Act quickly enough and you can also pick up Gran Turismo for free before 10 October. In all there should be more than 200 games available to download to your PSPgo today.

To coincide with the launch of the new handheld, Sony has also released the PSP 6.10 update. This adds the new SensMe feature that can generate playlists of songs stored on your PSP based on predetermined mood settings. The update also enables you to use the PSPgo’s bluetooth to link it with a mobile phone, turning it into a makeshift network for accessing the internet without a wireless connection nearby.

Media Go for PC is also available today so you can download PSP content without using a PS3. Download, sign up and hook up your PSP to start downloading software via your PC. As for games, we’re waiting on Sony to confirm the line-up for the PSN store update today. Hopefully we’ll see plenty of titles being added and we’ll return later to recommend the best of the bunch once that happens.

Sony is offering upgraders from the old PSPs to the PSPgo their choice of three free games from a list of 16, which include Killzone: Liberation, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 3, WipEout Pure, echochrome, Buzz!: Brain Bender, LocoRoco and Patapon. Sony has also revealed its PSP Minis lineup for the PSPgo launch. Here’s what Sony said about them:

Alien Havoc
Developed by: CREAT STUDIO INC
You’re a pesky alien travelling to a distant planet to gather the local cows into your spaceship. The farmers, however, value their livestock and will do whatever they can to stop you.
•    Adventure through 20 challenging farms that wrap vertically and horizontally
•    Succeed by using the terrain and objects to aid you when dealing with farmers
•    Get the highest score you can by being quick and by keeping your cows happy

Developed by: Hands-On Mobile
Pop your way through dozens of puzzling levels in this exciting puzzle adventure.
•    Tackle a different arrangement of balloons in each level
•    Try and pop as many balloons as you can with the darts you are given
•    Look out for special balloons, blocks and darts

Developed by: Hands-On Mobile
Brainpipe is a unique gaming experience where the ultimate objective is to transcend humanity. You do this by navigating the tunnels of your mind, exercising your hand-eye co-ordination while relishing in the funkadelic sights and sounds of your inner self.
•    Collect the illuminated glyphs while avoiding nasty obstacles
•    Simple to play – control the action using the analogue stick only

Developed by: Beatshapers
Enjoy 100 fun, action-packed levels, with vibrant graphics and crystal clear sound.
•    Flow with the music of professional gaming music group Maniacs of Noise
•    Command the ship of your choice from ten different models
•    Master the ball and clear the latest bricks with the Gravitor

Developed by: Subatomic Studios
Fieldrunners is a Tower Defence game in which you defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers,
•    Use a wide range of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air enemies
•    Enjoy hours of entertainment and replayable challenges
•    Do you have what it takes to rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defence master?

Developed by: Nemesys Team Studio
Experience a new type of strategy and arcade game as the knight Fortix, the sole hope for the desolate and tortured land of Fortiana to become the fertile land that it was before.
•    Fence off parts of the battlefield to corner your enemies
•    Collect catapults and power-ups to besiege the fortresses and take on dragons
•    Will you emerge victorious and reclaim the land of your ancestors?

Funky Punch
Developed by: Solus Games
In the unique world of Funkyville, a musical power called the Funky Flow has empowered some with amazing abilities. But Klyde has evil plans afoot and has built an army of Emoticons to do his bidding and control the flow for himself.
•    Battle it out in this unique 3D fighter where great timing and smooth dance moves are the keys to victory.
•    12 unique fighters, five game modes and more to conquer
•    Ten Skill Belts to earn to become the ultimate Funky Warrior

Hero Of Sparta
Developed by: Gameloft SA
As King Argos, embark on an epic odyssey from the Oracle’s Island to the depths of the Underworld. Faced with phenomenal monsters from mythology, battle like the fierce Spartan warrior you are to avoid a tragic death.
•    Perform impressive finishing moves to get rid of legions of enemies:
•    Over five hours of enigmas to solve and weapons to collect
•    Eight levels to explore, from an unknown beach to the depths of hell… will you make it back?

Developed by: HoneySlug Limited
Guide your Kahoot to the exit of each of the 50 levels by dragging the blocks that form the floors of the platforms to create a safe path.
•    Make use of special blocks, such as bounce blocks and trapdoors
•    Use cannons to travel long distances or get past barriers and obstacles
•    Beware of the Cardborg! It patrols the levels intent on making the Kahoot’s exit as difficult as possible

Pinball Fantasies
Developed by: Cowboy Rodeo Ltd
Pinball Fantasies is the official port of the classic Amiga pinball simulator originally released in 1992.
•    Play all four original tables with remastered graphics and interactive soundtracks
•    Play in both landscape and portrait modes
•    Check out the official site at cowboyrodeo.net/pinballdreaming

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