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PSPgo follows with a striptease of its own

Another day, another console stripped of both its dignity and outer casing. This time it’s the PSPgo’s turn to have its shell unceremoniously ripped off (though probably quite carefully), following on nicely from yesterday’s PS3 Slim striptease. Take a look at the destruction here.

The site it’s been pulled to bits on is in Chinese, so we have no idea what it actually says – for all we know it could be “ha ha ha, you’re all idiots, this is well fake, like.” By the look of it, though, it doesn’t say anything like that.

So there you go – another one of your favourite Sony machines torn to shreds and put back together just to satiate your morbid curiosity. Once again we should point out that we don’t recommend taking your machine to bits like this, as you might break it and then try to blame us for encouraging you, which would be a bit unfair.

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