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PSPgo.co.uk Isn’t What You Think It Is

PSPgo.co.uk Isn’t What You Think It Is


Can’t wait for the PSPgo? Thinking of checking out as much as you can online so you can convince yourself to buy one on launch/know everything there is to know and bewilder your friends/waste a bit more of your day on the internet? Well we have a small bit of advice – don’t visit PSPgo.co.uk, as you’ll only be disappointed.

For you see, some muddy funsters out there have bought the site and filled it with a copy of the Nintendo DSi site. Rather than being peppered with the tasty Sony info you crave and desire, instead you’ll be greeted with Nintendo’s dual-screen device and a lot of toothy grins.

To be honest, you’d clearly get toothy grins if it were a normal PSP site too. We’re just a bit miffed as we’re missing out on them – they’re our toothy grins, not some weird Nintensmiles.

This will either get sorted by a Sony buyout of which they will not be happy about, or it will get quietly ignored and remain a really rather funny little (big) mistake on Sony’s part. Honestly – it’s the first rule of the internet: you announce product, you make damn well sure you already own any and all sites that you’re going to need.

We’re available for consultancy on the issues of Avoiding Internet Stupidity, should we be needed.

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