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PSP2 – The rumours so far

PSP2 – The rumours so far

Ok, here’s what we know. Remember, lots of this is naught but rumours and speculation (and that image above is not official; it’s a mock up), but as we get closer to an official announcement the facts are starting to congeal:

Sony is to hold a “business overview and strategy meeting” in Tokyo on January 27, and it is during this event that Sony will reveal the PSP2. This would make sense, given that they’ll want to steal back some of the thunder that Nintendo stole when it recently detailed is 3DS plans.

The handheld with have a HD screen.

It will have touch pads positioned on the back of the console.

The PSP2 is rumoured to be extremely powerful, with MCV reporting that Sony has told licensees that the handheld is as powerful as the PlayStation 3. Rumours suggest that the PSP2 will feature 1GB of RAM, which is a considerable step up from the 64MB of RAM that the PSPgo and PSP 3000 have. By comparison, the Xbox 360 has 512MB of RAM, and the 3DS is currently alleged to have 64MB of RAM.

It has been designed with the large hands of an adult gamer in mind.

Sony wants the PSP2’s games to be richer, and more in-depth in terms of content in order to differentiate the device from casual, app-centric Apple and Android devices.

The PSP2 will ditch the UMD format. Downloads will still play a big part in the system’s game library, but it won’t be digital exclusive. It will use some form of physical media that can also be sold in retail stores.

There are rumours that it will contain some kind of phone, but not as a primary function. This is due to the fact that Sony Ericsson is currently working on a PlayStation phone proper that will be revealed next month.

Electronic Arts has had “exposure” to the unit, and developer NetherRealm, currently working on the Mortal Kombat reboot, is working with a kit. What’s more Sony Bend, the developer behind Resistance: Retribution, is said to be working on an Uncharted title for the PSP2.

The PSP2 is going to come out in Q4 of this year, apparently as early as October.

And that’s it! Remember, this all remains hearsay until Sony makes an official announcement and reveal, but it’s exciting to speculate nevertheless.

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  • David

    I’m quite excited about all the PSP2 and PSPhone prospects. Hope the hype is worth the wait.

  • Sean

    I wonder what form of physical media it will be.

  • kevin

    It sounds good from the specs you have given, but it better have a bloody second analogue stick. seriously it shouldn’t be that hard to put another one on there in order to make fps games playable. they have released many versions and not bothered to listen to fans. they even toyed with us on the psp go by putting the start and select button where a second one would fit perfectly. yeah the whole touch pad thing on the back could work as one but still wouldn’t be as good as an analogue stick.