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PSP Vs iPhone: Fight!

PSP Vs iPhone: Fight!


Apple leaves its developers stranded without support Sony has claimed, as a new console war begins to heat up between the iPhone and PSPgo. With Sony launching its Minis range later this year to support the PSPgo’s download only functionality, Sony has begun to take pot shots at Apple, presumably in the hopes of attracting even more iPhone developers to its new platform.

“Unlike with the App Store, we’re looking to support everyone that develops for us, instead of leaving developers out in the wilderness,” Zeno Colaco, SCEE’s head of developer relations has said. “We’re not immediately interested in giving developers free access and no help.” Sony believes that the open nature of Apple’s App Store means that the real quality gets lost in the mix and the cream struggles to surface.

“Some of the developers working on the App Store and PSP Minis tell us that they prefer our approach because they get more visibility,” Colaco continued. “I’m not suggesting that iPhone developers are unprofessional, but I think that the App Store has attracted a number of hobbyists. Clearly, the PSP is designed for gaming.”

The Minis Store should be launching on PSN this October with the release of the PSPgo.

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  • I don’t think this a very fair war, PSPgo and the Iphone can not be compared, mostly due to the fact that it is very convieniant to have unlimited access to games on my iphone no matter where I go VIA 3G.
    The PSPgo won’t be able to stand on its two feet making such claims, I won’t be buying the PSPgo, mainly due to the fact that I enjoy having a collection of games on my shelf.

  • The I phone is great for apps and the touch screen is a joy to use, but for a true game experience ,I prefer buttons and a joypad, theres no getting round that! The PSP Go is a trend setter and a bold step from the games heavyweight but I am sure the future will be upload only software so we have to embrace it. For me I can’t see how a phone with no tangable buttons can be compared to a dedicated games device with excellent support to develop similar titles and often same titles as Xbox 360 and PS3!!! These titles are not just using the same name , they are dedicated developed games that play similar to the full size consoles!!My iphone is ok but for a real gaming experience my PSP3000 is leaps and bounds ahead, God of War and Gran turismo are so close to the standard of my PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!