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PSP Remasters: Yay Or Nay?

PSP Remasters: Yay Or Nay?

So it seems some games are getting the HD treatment and being brought over to PS3 from everybody’s favourite* handheld the PSP. This is… a good thing… right?

Well if the news Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be coming to PS3 and thus getting a wider audience is true, it absolutely is a good thing. It’s a great game and actually, genuinely, one of the best MGS games out there. It means those of you who haven’t bothered with a PSP can play it. This is a good thing.

Really though, aside from one or two great games, is there anything else you, or I, really want to see? I never got on with the PSP games converted to PS2 – I just didn’t see the point. There are good games, but I’ve already played them on PS3 – from a purely selfish perspective, I don’t much see the point in bringing many games over. And no trophies? Pshaw.

Though that’s understandable when you take into account how stunningly hacked the PSP is and how saves are supposedly transferable between PSP and PS3.

But yeah – what do you think? Do you have any interest in the plan? Have you missed out on some brilliant PSP games and always wanted to play them on a console you own (clue: I’m talking about PS3)? Do you just want to buy Peace Walker again? Have you realised this is all a bit filler-ish? There’s a comment section below. Go wild.

*My favourite. Nobody else seems to care.

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  • Samuel Roberts

    Yay, but companies should be more selective – we don’t a Pursuit Force compilation, for example, but the two God Of Wars, Peace Walker/Portable Ops and a few of Square Enix’s games (Crisis Core, Dissidia) would be really nice collector’s items.

  • Ian Dransfield

    To adopt the parlance of our times: “om nom Crisis Core nom”.

  • Garan

    I really only use my PSP for comics…..and Fly Fu.I’ve being meaning to get GOW GOS so this will be more convenient…probably.

  • David

    I think it could be a really good idea. Some games were rubbish on PSP because of the clunky controls. Bringing them over onto PS3 or PSN could actually give them the opportunity of new life.

  • Talking Yak

    I want star wars battlefront 2