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PSP Minis Lacking In Features But Released Quicker


PSP Minis are a-coming along with the PSPgo, and those of you looking forward to some bite-size gaming on the go are sure to be well looked after with however many hundred games are set for release. It’s not all rosy, though, as a few stipulations have been revealed, all of which put in place to make sure Minis get through the approval process faster than normal.

These limitations on the games include stopping them from having network features, no multiplayer, no patches, no peripheral support and no DLC. Every silver lining has a cloud, it would seem.

Nevertheless, we can see why Sony have opted to go down this route, increasing the speed at which games are approved and as such increasing the rate at which they are released. It’s not like it could be any worse than the release rate of the European PSN now, is it?

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