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PSP has run its course: time to let it die

PSP has run its course: time to let it die

Sony confirmed a week-and-a-bit ago that they are to stop selling new PSP development kits. This doesn’t mean the end for the handheld, as developers will still be able to loan kits and the old are simply being replaced with the new.

Basically, it means very little in the grand scheme.

It made me think, and the thoughts I thunk said this: I think it’s about time to let the PSP die a quiet, respectable death.

The original PSP – or at least the 3000, the model we’re currently on – is long in the tooth. It’s still capable of pushing out very good games, but the frequency of releases is dropping. It’s rare that I’m actually excited about something in PSP’s future, and the increasing prevalence of throwaway, crappy little Minis is getting to be a bit much. Letting the machine die a natural, though expedited, death is the right thing to do. It will encourage positive nostalgia about one of the most unfairly-maligned consoles ever released and it will give people something to actually look forward to in the shape of the PSP2, whatever that is.

The PSPgo only came out recently, true. But it was – and this is being as fair as I can be – an abject failure. Scrap the idea, use the good features from it (umm… the built-in memory?) and apply lessons learned to the next generation. While I will say the original PSP still has some life left in it – if only a bit – the PSPgo was a stillborn, and it needs to be scrapped.

The PSP has had its detractors, and I’m not one of them. I think it’s a fantastic, versatile handheld with some fantastic games and I rarely travel anywhere without mine. But I do think the PSP has run its course. It’s half a decade old, it’s not able to wow us any more, it’s been usurped by mobile phones, for eff’s sake.

Turn off life support, let it slip away. The PSP has enjoyed a full life, even if it will only really be appreciated after its death. We’ll miss it, but in this case it’s absolutely necessary – the PSP has to die.

[Original news via MCV]

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  • It’s always been a case of nice hardware, shame about the software.

    I can count on one hand the games I’ve bought for it and including demos & trials I can count the total played on it on both hands.

    The “killer app” for me is remote control of my PS3, simply for portable TV in bed with Play.TV but that’s just me and I doubt many people actually use remote play at all.

    PSP2 is destined for the same doom unless they sort out the software, and if they can do that for PSP2, why not do it for PSP1 and sell all those games to the existing user base?

    The only thing I can see PSP2 offering over PSP1 hardware is the inevitable touch screen (better graphics I think would mean worse battery life). Taking all the iPhone casual gamers from Apple? Good luck with that.

  • Geebers

    Can you just apply “in the UK” to your article as it seems to be doing just dandy in Japan. Or, are you asking Sony to can a product that is raking it in in its home territory?

  • They should have it like the Ipad, and LBP was too slow, they need to work on FASTER load time, and more up to scratch with DS and Ipod

  • Emma Fowler

    As a lady who spends far too much time stuck in bed, I love the handheld. My PSP is much loved, and they have some cracking games. I’m bored of people getting excited by games on apple devices that are frankly too hard to control. Or maybe my hands are just very programmed for a d-pad!
    And actually the one thing I’ve been most excited about is the old PS1 games. Really when I’m playing on the go (or stuck in bed) I’m really not interested in graphics. Hence playing Metal Gear Solid. And original Rainbow Six!

  • David

    The only thing worng with PSPgo that can’t be said about the other iterations is price, so don’t be so quick to judge.

    I think Sony could really make the PSP a major force if they would just make a PSP2 already and fix the issues that have plagued the console. For me the biggest problem was always the absence of a second analogue. I’ve actually passed on more games than I own because this issue makes some games so annoying to control.

    If the hardware isn’t upto scratch then games are going to suffer, which is exactly what happened. Sony if you’re listening fix the analogue issue with PSP2 and add a touch screen, mobile internet and maybe even a motion sensor and game quality will follow. Adding phone functionality would also be a good idea and could even help to make it more affordable since you could get one on contract.

  • Jack

    If it doesn’t have to die, then it shouldn’t. PSP can live on and die after its prime which I don’t think we’ve seen yet. The PSP is like Chuck Norris in the sense that it doesn’t die, it just sleeps.

  • Sean

    Still waiting for the day Sony make a PSP which has two analogue sticks, just think how much easier and err…finger friendly? games would be.

  • Claudio Frollo

    I completely disagree. My psp kicks my phone as a gaming platform any time. Phone has better resolution but its not designed to play and doesnt feel quite right. Psp rocks. You still have the whole Psone catalogue if you are done with psp titles-unlikely since they are still releasing new ones Japan as of 2014